How To Update a Facebook Post With a New Image

Have you ever posted a contest link on your Facebook Page only to realize afterwards that you need to update the image? Maybe you didn't replace the default stock image or something just isn't right with the image you chose. In this short tutorial, we'll walk you through the steps to update your Facebook post image with a new one.

Step 1: Upload The New Image

The first step is to navigate to the Contest App and access the Share page for your current contest. There you can click on the "Replace Image" button and upload a new one. You can also edit the title and description that go along with the image.

Step 2: Log In To Facebook As Your Page

Next, go to your Facebook page and switch into your page account. You will find the "Switch" button located on the left hand side under the "Manage Page" panel.

Step 3: Click On The Three Dots Menu

Once you've located the post, look for the three dots (ellipsis) menu in the top-right corner of the post. Click on it to reveal a dropdown menu of options.

Step 4: Select "Refresh share attachment"

From the dropdown menu, select "Refresh share attachment" (see the above screenshot). This will fetch the post information and display the updated image and text.

Step 5: Save The Changes

If you're satisfied with the new image, click "Save" to finalize the changes. Your post will now be updated with the new image. You might need to reload the page to see the updated post.

Step 6: Edit The Post Text (Optional)

If you also want to edit the post text, you can do so by selecting "Edit post" from the same dropdown menu.

Important Tips:

Image Format: Facebook supports various image formats, but it's recommended to use JPEG or PNG for the best results.

Image Size: While Facebook will resize images, it's a good idea to use a resolution of at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display.

Right of use: Make sure you have the right to use all the images you upload to your contest.

Updating a Facebook post with a new image is a simple process that can help fix a mistake without erasing the post and its comments. We hope this short tutorial helps you get out of an otherwise unfortunate situtation!