How to Create a Contest on Your Facebook Page in 2022

A Facebook contest is the perfect way to interact with your followers and reward them for their loyalty. In this blog post, you will learn how to publish a contest on your Facebook Page. You can also take a look at the 1-minute tutorial video above for more information.

Start by opening the Contests for Pages app in a new tab. Click the "Get Started" button and enter a title for your contest. The title should be short and give a general idea of what the contest is about. I.e. Weekly giveaway, Win a gift certificate, Mother's day contest, etc.

The default entry form

Next, you can customize the entry form. By default, participants must provide their names and emails. The entry form also includes a newsletter opt-in and a Like button for your Facebook Page. You can add questions if you want to collect more information such as phone number, address, gender, etc.

When you are done adding questions, you can preview the contest and see how it will appear on computers and mobile phones. We recommend that you fill-in the form to make sure it works as expected. Once you are satisfied, continue to the next step to share the contest.

From the Share section, link the contest to your Facebook Page. This way your page's name, logo and Like button will appear on top of the contest.

Select your Page from the dropdown list

Next, customize the Timeline post's title and image. We recommend that you use a picture that is relevant to the subject of your contest and that will draw your followers' attention.

Finally, publish the post on your Page Timeline. Add a call-to-action where you tell your followers what they could win by entering the contest. See the promoted post article for advice on how to maximize your post reach.

And that's it! The contest is now up and running and ready to receive answers from your Facebook followers.