Turn submissions into a voting contest

We just realeased a new feature that will save you some time. When you run a contest asking participants to submit a picture, you can now generate a voting question with all the uploaded pictures. Let's say for example that you run a contest asking participants to submit a photo of their Christmas tree. After the contest ends, you create a new one asking people to vote for their favorite tree picture. Before, you would have had to download all the pictures and upload them one by one as options of a multiple-choice question. That tedious work can now be automated with a single click.

When accessing the contest's results page, a new "Convert to voting" link shows up under the submission question. Cliking the link opens this dialog:

Convert to voting dialog

First choose whether the voting question should be added to a new contest or an existing one.

Next, pick a question from your contest that will act as the label for the pictures. If your contest has a question asking participants for their name or a title for their picture, this information can then be used to label each individual picture in the voting question. Otherwise the picture will be labeled with a number corresponding to the spreadsheet row number.

We recommend that you close the contest before creating the voting question. Newly submitted pictures will not be added automatically. There is also a hard limit of 250 options per question so only the first 250 pictures will be added to the voting question.

We hope this feature will prove useful for interacting with your followers. We wish you a happy festive season. We hope the year to come brings you peace, happiness and lots of answers to your contests!