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The following polls were created with the Polls for Pages app.
One question poll

Simple One-Question Poll

This multiple-choice question asks participants to choose their favorite movie from a list. This same poll could be built with the contest app.

Customer satisfaction survey

Market Research Survey

This poll showcases different types of questions you can use to survey your audience.

The following contests were created with the Contests for Pages app.
Simple giveaway

Simple Giveaway Contest

In this simple contest, participants fill-in a form to be eligible for a draw. It can also be embedded on an external webpage.

Photo submission contest

Photo Submission Contest

In this mother's day contest, participants must fill-in a form and upload a picture. This same contest could be built with the poll app.

Photo voting contest

Photo Voting Contest

This is a simple and fun contest where users vote for their favorite cat. This same contest could be built with the poll app.

Timeline contest

Timeline Comments Contest

Ask your followers to comment a post to enter a giveaway. The application helps you export participants comments and make the draw. Click here to see examples of Timeline contests created by our clients.

The following quizzes were created with the Quizzes for Pages app.
Travel quiz

Personality Quiz

A Personality quiz has different outcomes depending on the participant's answers. Find out which movie couple you are through a series of 8 questions.

Coffee quiz

Knowledge Quiz

A knowledge quiz is made of multiple choice questions with right or wrong answers. Test your coffee knowledge with this simple 5-question quiz.