Our most complete offering for demanding customers

Enterprise Plan

This plan is our solution for businesses that need more flexibility and control.

The plan comes with all the benefits of a Premium Pro subscription and a few extra ones:

Get unlimited access to all 3 of our apps to create Premium contests, contests and quizzes.
Add up to 10 administrators to your account. Invite your colleagues to create contests and manage the account.
Choose your own subdomain for sharing your contests. Instead of https://contest.app.do, it could be https://your-brand.app.do
No participants restrictions. Collect an unlimited number of answers.

After you subscribe to the Enterprise plan, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. The name of company or brand.
  2. The subdomain for sharing your contests. i.e.: netflix, coca-cola, acme-corporation, etc.
  3. The logo of your company or brand.

Once we receive all the information, we will set up your account within 1 business day. If you have any questions regarding the Enterprise plan, get in touch with us.