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Embed Rich Media Clips Into Your Contests

The web is filled with interesting content such as videos, audio clips, animated gifs, presentations and much more. What if you could integrate these interactive medias into your contests? Well wonder no more, it is now possible to embed content from thousands of different websites right into your contests.

Personalize Your Contest With a Custom Font

Often times when you create a contest, you want its style to match the aesthetic of your brand or website. It was already quite easy to customize the contest appearance with colors and text variations. Today we go one step further in the personalization of contests with custom fonts.

A Redesigned Ranking Question

We took a fresh look at how ranking questions work and the mechanics of ranking each option in order of preference. We previously relied on drag and drop which worked fine on big screens but could be tedious on smaller screens with many options to rank.

The new and redesigned ranking question now relies on clicks to order the options instead or drag and drop. Click on each option in the order they should be ranked. Click again if you made a mistake and would like to remove the ranking. It's that simple! We also added labels to make it clear if the option should be ranked from most to least important or the other way around.

Introducing Country Restrictions

If you are running a local business, your customers live nearby. Its their opinion that matters and not the opinion of people living in foreign countries. That's why today we are releasing a new featured called Country Restrictions.

How To Remove The Contest Tab From Your Facebook Page

Jan. 26, 2021 update: Facebook has just announced a new experience for Business Pages that should be available in the upcoming months. If you are not able to remove the tab from your Page using the procedure below, please be patient. The new page experience will fix the issue.

Facebook is buggy and incomplete when it comes to managing Page tabs and the only workaround to remove a tab is to use the old Facebook interface. To switch to the old interface, open your Facebook page in a browser and replace the subdomain in the address bar from www to business. The new URL should look something like where "mypage" is your page username.